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Meet Nick

Nick Chadwick, proprietor of Winearray, situated on the High Street in Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire. Winearray is a cornucopia of fine wines and cigars; a compact and very vibrant place to be, full of interest, individuality and knowledegable, friendly advice. The ideal place to shop for the finest in wines, spirits and cigars.

Right from day one, Nick has chosen to work with small, independent, specialist importers, especially those who have a particular passion and insight for a country or a region. This means that the importers and Nick are working predominantly with winemakers of a similar frame of mind; ones who value their independence and individuality, their location, their tradition and seek to express this through their wines. Nick takes a lot of pride and a lot of pleasure in representing these wines and presenting them to you for your enjoyment.

Whenever he gets the chance, he visits the people and the places where the wines are created and, dizzy with enthusiasm and useful insight, come back trying his best to paint pictures through tastings and advice to customers looking to taste and enjoy the finest wines.