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An amazing showstopper and stunning gift, filled with the most mouthwatering delicious local produce from our beloved Yorkshire, displayed in a stunning wicker hamper.

Where do we start with such an awesome present that will satisfy any discerning food lover and drink connoisseur?

The majority of these products are ‘Award Winning’ and defines the utmost quality that we are so proud to be able to bring to you.

Yorkshire Tea by Taylors of Harrogate is a refreshing light beverage and is the second most popular tea brand in the UK.

A Brazilian and Costa Rican ground coffee offering a cherry burr all day coffee by the fabulous Baytown coffee company.

Oak Aged Gin by Raisthorpe Distillery is an ‘Award Winning’ gin, distilled in the traditional way usingYorkshire Wolds spring water,

Yorkshire Tonic by Raisthorpe Distillery is a versatile mixer that can be paired with any premium gin or vodka or served simply with ice and a slice.

Red Wine – Merlot

Two bottles of craft beer, a golden and pale ale by the Helmsley Brewing Company.

Marmalade by Bracken Hill is a traditional sharp, bitter, Seville orange marmalade fine cut peel, a best selling ‘Award Winner.’

Yorkshire Heather Honey by Rosebud is a pure, natural and delicious English honey principally sourced from wild blossoms, including sycamore, lime and water balsam.

Yorkshire Chutney by Rosebud is a traditional British store cupboard essential, freshly prepared with classic autumn fruits.

Fudge by Cartwright and Butler is an exceptionally creamy fudge and a free from additives product.

Handmade Truffles by Whitakers, a rich chocolate truffle containing cream, displayed in a stylish box.

Harrogate Toffee by Farrahs is blended from butter and three types of sugar for a gorgeously creamy texture and taste, with just a hint of zesty lemon to cleanse the palate.

Yorkshire Crisps by Yorkshire Crisps are an ‘Award-winning’ product deliciously moreish and is a luxury hand-cooked crisp, perfect for any crisp lover.

Cheese and Onion Nuts in a crispy shell by the Proper Nuts Company born and bred in Yorkshire.

Olive and Garlic Flatbreads by Cartwright and Butler are the proud recipient of a ‘Great Taste Award,’ with their crunchy and flavoursome taste.

Yorkshire Fettle Cheese by Shepherds Purse is Yorkshire’s version of feta. Made with whole ewes’ milk, handmade and hand-salted separately to encourage the piquant, lemony flavour and slightly crumbly texture.

Yorkshire Blue cheese by Shepherds Purse, an International award winning mild and creamy blue veined cheese, made with milk from Yorkshire cows.

Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese, a creamy crumbly full of flavour cheese.

Abbot’s Choice Mature Cheddar from the Wensleydale Creamery, a mature cheddar cheese with a full rounded flavour and smooth texture.

Rich Ginger Biscuits by Botham’s of Whitby, offering a delicious crunchy biscuit made with the warm spice of the Orient.

Ginger and Chilli Olives by Silver and Green are a unique, tasty, quality Mediterranean food.

Chorizo by Lishmans has a bestowed and highly coveted 3-Star ‘Great Taste Award.’ Yorkshire Chorizo is crafted from high welfare Yorkshire outdoor reared pork. This is so important to us and is part of our own personal ethos.


Oak Cheese board

Charcuterie Slate

Contains Alcohol and is not suitable for under 18’s.

To see ingredients and Allergens please click the link below.

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