Milkshake Argan Shampoo & Glistening Argan Oil

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milk_shake argan shampoo uses the power of argan oil to eliminate frizz without sacrificing the gentle surfactants that keep your hair clean.

Argan is like an instant glass of water for your strands. But milk_shake argan shampoo is also rich in silk and rice proteins that repair your hair’s structure from root to tip. That means we help undo the damage you’ve (unknowingly) allowed while protecting and revitalizing for the future.

milk_shake argan oil

Once you’re done with your daily scrub, it’s important to add an extra layer of protection. Enter: our pure and powerful milk_shake argan oil. It’s got all the benefits of argan oil with the added advantage of a potent conditioning blend.

The result? Glowing, revitalized hair from a few drops of leave-in product. Just work a few small squirts through your hair during or after styling to reap the benefits of healthier, shinier hair.


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