Gin Gift Set 2 x 20cl Fruity Gins + 8 Cans Tonic


Store:  Cottingley Gin


We have perfectly matched this gin and tonic set, with 2 of our popular fruity numbers, a perfect gin gift set delivered for any fruity gin lover comes with:

1 x Sugar Plum Fairy Plum Gin 20cl

1 x Gnome Rhubarb Gin 20cl

8 x 150ml Cans Fevertree Premium Indian tonic

Taste Notes:

Sugar Plum Fairy gin – This amazing plum gin is jammy & smooth, perfect for lovers of rich dark fruits. Big taste, proper gin alcohol content of 40%.

Gnome Rhubarb gin – This beautiful 40% abv gin has been described as one of the most rhubarb forward gins on the market. A lovely smooth and fresh edition with a slightly sweet touch.

The perfect serve 25ml measure of one of these delicious gins plus 1 can (150ml) Fevertree premium Indian tonic and lot’s of ice.

Also available with Elderflower and Banana & Strawberry


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