Cooper King Distillery Founders’ Club – Barley Package


For the whisky fans. Rewards include:

  • Welcome pack and member card. Your unique founder number enables you to take advantage of Founders’ Club discounts and special offers.

  • Founder’s Toolbox. Exclusive Founders’ Club toolkit containing everything you need to enjoy your Cooper King experience, including a branded Glencairn tasting glass, distillery notebook (perfect for tastings) and ambassador’s lapel badge.

  • Guided tour of the distillery.

  • £40 gift voucher. Treat yourself in the distillery shop or online store with our gift voucher.

  • Your name in our online Hall of Fame. We’ll publicly give thanks to you in our dedicated founders’ page on the website (unless you’d prefer to remain anonymous, of course).

  • Access to pre-release spirits & limited editions. Never miss out on highly coveted small-batch productions and experimental distillations.

  • Behind-the-scenes access. Take part in developing products, give feedback on ideas for experimental releases and help shape the future of a bold new distillery.

  • One bottle of limited edition Founders’ Cask single malt whisky. This bottling of early casks filled at the distillery will be available to and complimentary for founders only and delivered straight to your door when mature after 3 to 5 years’ maturation. Non-chill filtered and naturally coloured single cask, single malt whisky made from traditionally floor-malted barley, copper pot-distilled and aged in small oak casks crafted by England’s last master cooper (70cl). Individually hand-bottled and numbered at the distillery.

  • One bottle of ‘new-make’ malt spirit. Un-aged and double-distilled 100% malted barley spirit, straight off the copper pot still, complimentary for founders only (50cl).

  • Free UK delivery on all rewards.

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